Just Starting Out?

You wouldn’t believe the amount of calls we receive each week with  potential clients reaching out as they are just starting the search for their next mod and want a little rumble with their ride. Many assume you just ‘buy a kit’ and put it on. Prefabbed kits can be extremely expensive and leave a sour taste in your mouth if you didn’t expect to spend hundreds (if not thousands).

What we do:

First, we encourage you not to buy the kit and to come visit us. We encourage you to look through forums, talk to friends, go to car shows, or Cars & Coffee’s to see what other owners, who have a similar vehicle (and mods) are doing.

Second, we encourage you to book that appointment for a consult.

Third, we encourage you to not buy that kit yet – unless you’re doing or wanting something specific. You can achieve that rumble by deleting the stock muffler. Q: Will it be too loud? A: You won’t know until you try.

Fourth, we encourage you to start small and add as you go. If you delete a stock muffler and decide it is too loud, you can always add a performance muffler or resonator to clean up the sound.

Knowledge is power, giving our clients that empowerment knowing they got exactly what they asked for is the best!

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